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Infinity G37 Convertible Availability

Infiniti Announcement

Infiniti G37 IPL Convertible

G37 IPL Convertible

Infiniti today announced that it will double its Infiniti Performance Line of premium performance vehicles in spring 2012 with the addition of a new 2013 IPL G37 Convertible

Infiniti Press Release

2012 G37 Convertible

2012 Infiniti Changes

Following the 2011 introduction of two next-generation redesigns, the Infiniti M and Infiniti QX, and two highly significant model line extensions in the form of the Infiniti G25 Sedan and Infiniti M Hybrid, the Infiniti lineup enters the 2012 model year with a number of product enhancements

Limited Edition

G37 anniversary edition

20th Anniversary Edition G37

While every 2010 Infiniti G Sedan, Coupe or Convertible seems special to those who design, engineer, manufacture or market them - and also to their owners - Infiniti has just released four new G Anniversary Editions that stand apart from every other Infiniti G ever created. These uniquely equipped Anniversary G37s, built in commemoration of Infiniti's 20th anniversary, will be available in very limited numbers - 350 G Sedans and 200 each for the G Coupe and G Convertible.

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